Mosaic Group - 70 Stunning Riverview Villas

Investment Synergy is delighted to bring forth an exceptional land asset acquisition opportunity in collaboration with Mosaic Group. We proudly present an economical investment proposition that encompasses 70 villa plots set on a stunning riverfront location.

The total land asset spans an impressive 47,272 square meters, offering immense potential for development. With 9,100 square meters of buildability, each villa plot measures approximately 500 square meters, providing ample space to create remarkable residences in a picturesque setting.

Originally listed at €2,218,000, Investment Synergy's negotiation expertise has secured a reduced price of €1,100,000 for this remarkable opportunity. This substantial reduction makes the investment proposition exceptionally attractive, offering investors the chance to acquire prime land at a highly competitive price point.

What sets this opportunity apart is the superior value it offers compared to other coastal locations. The riverfront location presents unique advantages and promises remarkable returns on investment. The area's desirability and potential for growth make it an enticing choice for astute investors seeking substantial returns.

Investment Synergy is committed to ensuring transparency and providing our investors with utmost confidence in their investment decisions. We have conducted thorough due diligence to assess the potential of this land asset and have partnered with reputable experts to guide the development process.

This economical land asset acquisition opportunity from La Caixa, in collaboration with Mosaic Group, showcases our dedication to identifying lucrative investments and delivering outstanding value to our esteemed investors. We are excited to present this remarkable opportunity to join us in shaping an exceptional residential development.

For further information or to express your interest in this project, please do not hesitate to reach out to our dedicated team. We are here to assist you and provide you with all the necessary details to make an informed investment decision.

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